Cheryl’s Third Annual “I’m Still Alive!” Party

Three years ago, on February 28, Cheryl fell victim to a ruptured aneurysm that, in all fairness, should  have killed her. She beat all the odds and came through the other side.

Now, every year, we gather on (or in this case near) the day at a Gastropub/Arcade in Sherman Oaks to celebrate the fact that she’s still alive. A title Cheryl gave to the party herself although it’s also referred to as her “re-birthday.”

The tradition started in year one because it was tough for a lot of our “Hollywood friends” to come down to Long Beach. It was just easier for us to bring Cheryl to them and also means we get a nice night out.

The first year, Cheryl was still a zombie at that point. (She would “wake up” two days later). We didn’t know she couldn’t see or hear and her speech was non-existent. She pretty much just sat and stared at everyone.

Two years later she’s bopping around, having conversations with everyone and playing games. Our friends can see the progress she’s made and she gets to show off her hard work.

The best part is that with so many of our friends and their schedules, the group changes every year. I always leave it as an open invitation to everyone and it’s always fun to see who shows up.

This year Cheryl turned three and we couldn’t be happier to gather and celebrate her life. It’s an event we’ve committed to doing until we can’t and look forward to it every year!

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